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Private Piano Lessons
Anne Crosby Gaudet, BA MM CCM
Bedford, Nova Scotia


Anne Crosby Gaudet is dedicated to offering quality piano instruction. That is why families join the studio and believe in the value of what is accomplished here. The approach to teaching music is a healthy blend of:

  • commitment + fun
  • tradition + technology
  • consistency + creativity

Students are challenged to do their best, think for themselves and celebrate the journey of learning to play music.

Benefits of Piano Playing

5 Benefits of Piano Lessons

Twenty years of personal piano studies plus twenty years of private piano teaching experience gives one a unique perspective on the long-term benefits of piano lessons.

Anne Crosby Gaudet

About Anne Crosby Gaudet

An innovative private piano teacher from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Anne is a composer of teaching material for children and is recognized for her creative piano teaching resources.

I invite you to explore my website and get a feel for what I offer my students. I think you will quickly discover that this is a piano studio that stands out. I embrace new trends and materials in my teaching and I have a knack for motivating my students with engaging music, valuable skills and the confidence to excel.